Science Fan

Warning: DO NOT DO THIS WITHOUT AN ADULT.  Hello everybody.  Today I’m going to talk about how to make a fan (Like a fan in a computer) work with just a 9V battery, a led light, and circuit tape.  Step one is you cut the wire at the end so it looks like this.  Next you attach the black wire on the hexagon.  Then the red wire on the right side.  Then fan should start.  The led light is optional.  Next you get the conductor tape and wrap it around the led.  The taller side is negative and the short side is positive.  Make sure that one side is touching the right side.  If you don’t it will make the led light burn up.  Next you tape the led light to the battery. When you make the fan go the light will turn on. If you want to make sure the battery works put your tongue on the two tips for a second.  If the battery works you will feel a little tingle.





3 Replies to “Science Fan”

  1. asherjb

    Dear Des,
    Nice job! It was really cool how you explained it and it was cool when you brought it into school and showed everyone. Keep up the great work!

  2. Mrs. D

    Hi Des,
    Wow! Your instructions were pretty comprehensive and the photos really helped to show the steps.

    I like that you told your readers to have an adult to help with the project. The touching of the tongue to battery will probably startle some people, but it’s fun to do isn’t it?

    One thing you might think about for your blog post is that red letters on a dark blue background can be difficult to read. Maybe a lighter color would make it easier to read your interesting post.
    Thanks and keep up the great blogging!
    Mrs. D
    STUBC commenter

  3. Hannah

    That’s really cool!


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